Maker, teacher, and coach for experience design, games, and collaboration.


Professional Coaching

I work with product makers and leaders to build research infused teams, be agents for positive change, and make meaningful products. As your professional coach I invite you to practice introspection, prototyping, and designing a way forward.

Lean Into Art

Podcast and workshops for a network of self directed learners. The Lean Into Art Cast serves visual and interactive storytellers with topics and coversation that explores visual storytelling, creative process, design thinking, creative communication, visual arts, comics, illustration, creative coding, and more.

Drawing User Journey Maps

Mapping ideas is useful in so many situations from starting a project to digging deeper on ways to make it better. This brief yet in depth class is a combination of hands-on learning the mechanics of journey mapping a user's experience combined with examples and concepts to make your journey maps useful, helpful, and inclusive. Available for Skillshare subscribers and for sale at my digital store.

Guitar Fretter

Guitar Fretter is a puzzle-action game for iOS and Android, Windows, and Mac OS to make it fun to memorize the note positions on a guitar fretboard. to make it fun to memorize the note positions on a guitar fretboard.

Blog: Interactive Storyteller

I post articles, sketches, and videos about things I make.

Video Game Construction Kit

Play and change a video game to make it your own. I wrote, coded, and illustrated this book to provide an approachable way to begin learning game development and design using HTML and JavaScript.


Art journal podcast where I reflect on my creative projects and topics surrounding them.

Art Geek Zoo Comics

Story and Art for a variety of comics at, featuring The Way of Sound.

Art and Science Punks

Join the Art and Science Punks as they reflect on their latest art, science and tech projects, gadgets, and experiments. Rob and Kate are lifelong learners with kids exploring and sharing creativity, sometimes with great success and sometimes with great failure, but always with laughter (and occasionally tears).

This Panda Needs You

Match the colors and shapes in This Panda Needs You, a self-paced, all-ages block stacking game. The game promotes the early math skills of pattern recognition, matching and problem solving. Available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS.

What I do

I use creative, collaborative, human centered tools of user experience design to investigate ideas, build products, strategies, and teach teams. I often find useful ways to combine research, design, prototyping, games, and storytelling to serve the teams I work with.

What I believe about design

User experience design (UX) is a systemic creative discipline that helps you find threads of feeling and data that tie together teams and the audiences they serve.

We can detect the presence or absence of UX design at the surface, the user interface. Beyond the surface we can see the systemic threads that help us make better designs. We can see what makes a system feasible to make, viable as a business, and desirable to the people it serves. If the utility and clarity of a system are only on the surface - likely the experience will have problems. By applying the tools of UX we will create systems that are well suited for everyone involved, from those that create, maintain, own, and use them every day.

Why this calls to me

I have always been a caring, independent thinker, someone with a desire to question. I have a capacity to be excited by ambiguity, curiosity, and questioning. I love to learn and connect teams with ongoing learning tools and methods.