Rob Stenzinger

User Experience and Games Designer, Coder, Facilitator


Thank you for your curiosity to look into what I do. I'm Rob Stenzinger and I care a lot about user experience, game design, and storytelling.
I believe that when we care about and act in the interest of the experience of others many awesome things happen. When we keep on caring about the experience of others we can create a learning machine, a progression of questions, research, and insights for ourselves and others who serve the users of the systems we make.
When we do all that, we design systemically. That's how I can help.

Recent Projects

Lean Into Art

Podcast and workshops for a network of self directed learners. The Lean Into Art Cast serves visual and interactive storytellers with topics and coversation that explores visual storytelling, creative process, design thinking, creative communication, visual arts, comics, illustration, creative coding, and more.

Lean UX Design, Facilitation, and UI Prototyping

Part of the RAD Team at Target HQ, providing rapid test and learn design workshops and applied research with a small, flexible team.

Guitar Fretter

Guitar Fretter is a puzzle-action game for iOS and Android to make it fun to memorize the note positions on a guitar fretboard.

Blog of an Interactive Storyteller

I post articles, sketches, and videos about things I make.

Video Game Construction Kit

Play and change a video game to make it your own. I wrote, coded, and illustrated this book to provide an approachable way to begin learning game development and design using HTML and JavaScript.


Art journal podcast where I reflect on my creative projects and topics surrounding them.

Art Geek Zoo Comics

Story and Art for a variety of comics at, featuring The Way of Sound.

Babies Love Comics

Artist for the early childhood comics featured at

This Panda Needs You

Match the colors and shapes in This Panda Needs You, a self-paced, all-ages block stacking game. The game promotes the early math skills of pattern recognition, matching and problem solving.