Hello, I'm Rob Stenzinger. User experience designer, interactive storyteller, and workshop instructor.

As a ux generalist I consult and teach facilitation, strategy, research, and design. I've worked on many platforms bringing human centered design to apps, data, games, virtual reality, smart products, and so much web. I've spent the past 20+ years working with organizations of all sizes from startups, and not-for-profits, to companies you likely know in technology, education, finance, and retail.

As an independent creator I co-host the podcasts Lean Into Art and Art and Science Punks, created the game Guitar Fretter, and the comic Art Geek Zoo.

I'm a professional learner and I share what I discover along the way. How can I be of assistance?

Featured Work

'7 Habits' Influenced Me as an Emerging UX Designer

Article on Medium

For designers looking to grow as leaders

One of the earliest design books I studied and applied in my work didn't come from the field of design yet it was both human centered and systemic minded. Read the full article.

Lean Into Art

Podcast Episode: 307 - Checking In On Your Network, With Gregg Schigiel

For ongoing creative, personal, professional development

This week Jerzy and Rob are joined by returning guest Gregg Schigiel to talk about the value of keeping the connections between you and your social/professional network active. Listen, watch, or download here.

Drawing User Journey Maps


For UX learners, collaborators bringing together teams of different backgrounds

Mapping ideas is useful in so many situations from starting a project to digging deeper on ways to make it better. This class is a combination of hands-on learning, mechanics of journey mapping, and specific concepts to make your journey maps useful, helpful, and inclusive. Available for Skillshare subscribers and for sale at my digital store.

Guitar Fretter


Mobile, Desktop

Guitar Fretter is a game about memorizing note positions on the guitar fretboard. Battle the attacking music-note-wearing creatures by matching their note to the guitar fretboard! The action gets intense as you solve each level, unlock all the strings, and earn bonus points for full-matched frets and strings!

Moble and Tablet Apple iOS and Android on Google Play

Desktop Windows and Mac OS

See the Guitar Fretter Website for more details

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