Rob Stenzinger

Talks and Workshops

Creating and sharing talks and workshops, selfishly is a way to learn a topic further while also sharing the benefits with other learners.

When I'm studying a thing without sharing it, I can take a narrow view and miss so much insight. Teaching, advocating, and storytelling help me dive deeper, empathize with more points of view, and enjoy the thrill of sharing things I've grown passionate about.

Sketching the Happiest Kitty in the Universe

Created and performed this workshop to show how all of us have insights into the mind of a cartoonist by thinking about physical characteristics of emotions and emotional characteristics of shapes. Performed at Kids Read Comics 2015 and at 2DCon 2016.

Culture and Career Hacking via Commitments

Invited to provide a lightning talk at Dev Jam's Mini Product Con. Provided this glimpse into how I've helped share new ideas and take on new skills and roles via commitments.

A Year of RAD

Co-presented along with the rest of the RAD team, headed by leader Elwin Loomis at 3M's SCPD Conference. Presentation explored forming and growing an innovative test and learn team. Also co-presented this at the Lean UX Twin Cities meetup.

UX on a Lab-Style Team

Co-presented with Arthur Beisang. Taking a look at how UX can serve in the space of an innovation team. Presented to the Minnebar conference in 2015.

Making Video Games from Your Creator-Owned Comics

This talk explores how your setting and characters could provide both theme and choices that establish a game's fun loop.

Better Handoffs - Collaborate Like Columbo

Wherein I propose: empathy and scientific method are not just useful, they are the right thing to do to help us be more intentional and more accountable in our shared creative works. Also: taking cues from Columbo. Yes, the 1970s TV show. Presented at Agile Day Twin Cities 2014.

Game Gumption: Art, Code, Sound to Make Games on a Raspberry Pi

Making games is an amazing learning adventure! In this interactive workshop, join game designer, developer, and cartoonist Rob Stenzinger in a series of fun exercises exploring how you can make a game code and art with a tool called Scratch and music with a tool called Sonic Pi. Presented at Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival 2016.

HTML 5 Games: Underwater Tomato Ninja

The workshop that I later grew into an ebook. A flexible choose your own path workshop to explore making games by customizing a game built in HTML and Javascript.

Writing and Drawing Serial Comics: THE DRAMATIC REVEAL

Shares the process I used to write and draw Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound and how serial entertainment that hooks us gives us tools to unbox to make our own dramatic reveals.

Jokes to Comics: Laughing Yeti Monkey Spaghetti

Explore joke structure to turn a joke into a one, two, or three panel comic.

Storytelling to make your Comic’s UI Awesome

Storytellers know how to empathize with multiple perspectives and have other skills well suited to designing an interactive experience like a web site for their comics. Presented this workshop from 2010 - 2012 at events such as The UP Fair, Kids Read Comics, Intervention Con.

Think n’ Draw: Using Sketching to Communicate Design

Co-facilitated a workshop to teach sketch and doodle techniques to communicate design concepts.

Heroku Mini Hack Challenge Game Show

Created and co-facilitated a gameshow style event that provided many mini challenges to build small apps using Heroku.

Semester of Web Design for the FAIR School at MCAD

Taught a 12 week course on web design to High School students learning at MCAD via the FAIR school.