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Creative Process Coaching

Choosing Career Paths

Coaching, facilitation

Get unstuck and choose a path forward, we'll work through your options, ideas, next steps and uncover ways to move forward. Setup your decisions in a supportive environment...

Start Your UX System

Coaching, facilitation

Jump into UX, make user centered data informed decisions for meaningful products. Evidence informed decisions that include your audience are wonderful and once you get started you'll make it part of your process in the design, engineering, and policy of your organization. Ready to get started?

Product Practice Lab

Coaching, facilitation

Product design lab, get past an idea to a meaningful product. Work through a staged creative process to go from concept to concrete product. Schedule your design lab!

Online workshops

Drawing User Journey Maps


For UX learners, collaborators bringing together teams of different backgrounds

Mapping ideas is useful in so many situations from starting a project to digging deeper on ways to make it better. This class is a combination of hands-on learning, mechanics of journey mapping, and specific concepts to make your journey maps useful, helpful, and inclusive. Available for Skillshare subscribers and for sale at my digital store.

Customizing Your Next Creative Challenge


For artists, writers, and coders

Creative challenges offer a themed art event to learn new skills, level up the ones you have, and have some fun along the way.

In this class I'll teach you to craft your own custom approach to creative challenges. Whether it's a popular public one (Inktober, NaNoWriMo, Global Game Jam, 24 Hour Comic Day) or one of your own creation. Many art discipline groups have adopted creative challenges as events to celebrate and practice. Whether you're making video games or writing a book, or making comics illustrating scenes, drawing characters, journaling, podcasting, the list goes on.

Available for Skillshare subscribers and for sale at my digital store.

Goal Setting Using Design + Storytelling: Workshop and Journal


For goal planners building memorable and shareable goals

Goal planning can be fun, exciting and useful. We have created the Where Next Journal and included it with this class. Join us as we walk through how and why to complete each exercise and offer tips and examples on how to get the most out of your goal planning.

Throughout this class you will learn:

7 creative and analytical experiences designed to help you identify and articulate your best future.

Available for Skillshare subscribers and for sale at my digital store.

Sketching the Happiest Kitty in the Universe


Created and performed this workshop to show how all of us have insights into the mind of a cartoonist by thinking about physical characteristics of emotions and emotional characteristics of shapes.

Available for Skillshare subscribers


Guitar Fretter


Mobile, Desktop

Guitar Fretter is a game about memorizing note positions on the guitar fretboard. Battle the attacking music-note-wearing creatures by matching their note to the guitar fretboard! The action gets intense as you solve each level, unlock all the strings, and earn bonus points for full-matched frets and strings!

Moble and Tablet Apple iOS and Android on Google Play

Desktop Windows and Mac OS

See the Guitar Fretter Website for more details

This Panda Needs You


Mobile, Desktop

This Panda Needs You is a block stacking puzzle game for all ages. Help panda re-stack her building blocks blown over by the wind. The game is self-paced, low pressure, high enjoyment.

Moble and Tablet Android on Google Play

Desktop Windows and Mac OS

See the This Panda Website for more details



Writing blog

Interactive Storyteller is is my blog and art journal where I share work at various stages, thinking aloud as I go.

Read my blog

Game Construction Kit:

e-book and game

writing, code, art, sound

Making games can be as simple as playing your own “house rules” version of Rock Paper Scissors. Making video games is usually far more complicated. The intent of this book and included resources is to get close to that simple approach: play and change a video game to make it your own.

Get the book to customize the game

Try the game and play with the code on CodePen

Art Geek Zoo Comics

Comics writing, art and story

Comics infused with music, flavored with action, sealed with adventure.

Read Comics


Lean Into Art

Podcast Episode: 307 - Checking In On Your Network, With Gregg Schigiel

For ongoing creative, personal, professional development

This week Jerzy and Rob are joined by returning guest Gregg Schigiel to talk about the value of keeping the connections between you and your social/professional network active. Listen, watch, or download here.

Art and Science Punks


Join the Art and Science Punks as they reflect on their latest art, science and tech projects, gadgets, and experiments. Rob and Kate are lifelong learners with kids exploring and sharing creativity, sometimes with great success and sometimes with great failure, but always with laughter (and occasionally tears).

Listen to the Art Science Punks podcast

The Polytechnicast

Art journal podcast

Where I reflect on my creative projects and topics surrounding them. Often my creaetive projects are the focus, sometimes I do a series focused on topics like learning and practicing user experience or making games. Sometimes I have guests visit too.

Listen to reflections like Practicing UX

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