These examples give a closer glimpse into my experience, process, and some of the qualities of what I produce when I collaborate to research and design.

These are all work for hire examples when I've consulted and worked with other organizations as either an employee or contractor.

Works shown are or were public facing or are placeholder generalized examples with redacted/obfuscated details to be realistic examples of the work I performed for a given client.

Each project has a form of collaborative discovery, user research, conceptual/early design, testing and refinement whether it's a prototype app or a learning outcome.

For additional context on projects, contact me.

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Workshop outline, high speed video of similar workshop

Project: Facilitate Design Sprints, Design Hack Days, and Design Workshops

Client: Target

Design Challenge:

Role: Design Workshop Facilitation, Coaching

Prepared, taught, facilitated, events based on live-collaboration, mini-creative challenges, and design thinking experiences.

These workshops are a way to explore a mini version of a Design Sprint.

My process is all about making it safe to share and test assumptions, embracing the benefits both of solo and group creativity without falling into group-think traps. Typical outcomes include: an expressed and critiqued hypothesis to test, an MVP recommendation, or a brief pitch video.

Workshop outline, high speed video of similar workshop

Project: AwesomeShop

Client: Target

Design Challenge:

Role: UX Designer, Design Workshop Facilitation

How might we put a focus on the best of what Target has to offer, based on the products people are talking about socially?

AwesomeShop began with a different user behavior in mind compared to traditional web commerce. Instead of a efficiency or deal-seeking user, we found a vocal group who loved AwesomeShop: those who enjoy the exploration, seeking to treat themselves once hooked by a particularly delightful product.

UX and UI prototyping worked in parallel with other areas (data sourcing, API, company policy) in a small team to test the feasibility (could we make it work well) and desirability (were users using, enjoying, and sharing) during early iterations to later discover the viability (converting exploration into purchases). AwesomeShop now has its own team and continues to iterate.

Screenshots of the app and web engineer path


Client: Target

Design Challenge: How do we creatively engage with potential talent and showcase our growing engineering culture?

Role: Concept Creator, UX Design, Game Design

How do we creatively engage with potential talent and showcase our growing engineering culture?

Code With Target is a gameful recruiting tool. As a game, it's simple: find your way to the contact form by taking a multiple stage challenge based on your technical interests: web engineering, Java, iOS, API, and more. Solve more than one path if you wish to show more of your talents. When Target attended and sponsored software engineering events prior to Code With Target - it was difficult to send the message that Target is growing a new engineering culture with more passion than a traditional big company.

The hypothesis for Code With Target: by providing a playful, gameful intellectual challenge, Target will start conversations with thoughtful, creative, and technical motivated problem solvers who may be interested in working with Target. Potential players/candidates see Talent Acquisition team members shirts, printed materials and swag with calls to action like "curl to unfurl the URL" to then play the game at The hypothesis was proven true through the many players getting in contact with recruiting.

I designed and coded the initial version then brought others on board to own the additional missions/mini games added for the next major version.

Workshop outline, high speed video of similar workshop

Project: Food Business Hypothesis

Client: Target

Design Challenge: Explore revenue growth opportunity in the deli/bakery space

Role: UX Lead, Usability Research, Design Co-founder

Led an enterprise growth initiative research project that explored a food service hypothesis.

I conducted several types of field research, from asking deli/bakery team members about their process and constraints to Experience Sampling via Dscout (a qual/quant journal-style research tool). I conducted multiple missions seeking the highs and lows related to this particular experience. Once complete, I compiled my research and presented findings and recommendation to leadership.

Research outline

Project: VR Desirability Exploration

Client: Target

Design Challenge:

Role: UX Lead, Usability Research, Design Co-founder

Exploratory research asking the question: where do we find the strongest scent of desirability for VR from a retail and human factors standpoint. Facilitated research to test 3 virtual environment experiences via 3 modes of viewing and interaction: VR goggles, large kiosk monitor, and mobile device motion/panning window.
Screenshot of VR app + research outline

Project: College Dorm VR

Client: Target

Design Challenge: Use new technology to drive back to school sales.

Role: UX Lead, Usability Research

What if students traveling from afar and those looking to see their dorm could not only see their dorm but also buy products in a VR environment (built in Unity3d, viewed via Google Cardboard). I worked with a small team of VR prototypers in a UX design and researcher role. I facilitated scrappy intercept based research on the University of Minnesota campus, synthesized and facilitated peer review of findings.
Conceptual IA examples

Project: 3M DDS (Drug Delivery Services) Web Site IA and Iteration

Client: 3M

Design Challenge: Design a way forward by interviewing a variety of stakeholders with a variety of goals that didn't appear initially to have a lot of common ground.

Role: UX, Usability, IA

3M's web presences are all based on a conceptual blueprint - the Information Architecture. This project had multiple phases, looking at usage metrics, user feedback, and in depth interviews. The flow of the project was research > interview > synthesis > IA recommendation. I collaborated with the client and my team by sharing the narrative of each stage, the rationale of the design choices, and evidence gathered. This process made it easy for a wide variety of roles and interests to collaborate.
Diagramming options for product selection

Project: 3M SSPS Web Presence Research and Iteration

Client: 3M

Design Challenge: Recommend a simple way to select among hundreds of similar products with subtly different attributes.

Role: UX, Interaction Design, IA

How might the business offer an approachable yet accurate way to filter and select among thousands of safety products and variants? In this design scenario, the client sought recommendations via exploring how others have solved product selection challenges and a summary of recommended options. My work on this project included research, diagramming, and using diagrams as a collaborative communication tool.
Annotated wireframe

Project: SmartHQ, Gamified Sales, Reseller Marketing Portal

Client: Microsoft

Design Challenge: Provide an engaging incentive system that's fun, competitive, and fits with the business goals.

Role: Lead UX, Game Design

Provided game design and UX design for SmartHQ, gameful positive reinforcement sales portal. I designed improvements to the existing sales incentive portal. The improved app both visualizes the sales performance and provides unlockable bonuses and levels. In addition to UX mapping the goals of the client, the users, and the journeys. Also designed a point-earning algorithm informed by the desired behaviors and the desirable incentives.
Workshop outline, high speed video of similar workshop

Project: ExpertZone: a learning/training portal for Microsoft product sellers

Client: Microsoft

Design Challenge: To increase the engagement of learners on and established learning portal.

Role: UX Design, Usability, IA, Game Design

I provided IA and UX design for multiple iterations of ExpertZone, a Microsoft product seller learning portal. Designed a responsive framework for the learning modules. Designed and recommended a series of improvements for the game intent/gameful behavior reinforcement aspects of the system.
Workshop outline, high speed video of similar workshop

Project: Feed Forward

Client: Target

Design Challenge: Find a way to use the rich data contained in product reviews for design best practice.

Role: UX Research, Coder, UX Design

Designed and created a tool that visualizes product reviews and feedback. Based on research of fellow designers and engineering team members, we discovered a need for product designers (many self-identified as visual learners) to have a tool to explore and engage with data, something besides spreadsheets. Designers use Feed Forward to identify product design best practices and find potential improvements.
Workshop outline, high speed video of similar workshop

Project: Target Connected UX

Client: Target

Design Challenge: Create a reusable, extensible platform that is served by an accessible easy to learn app for all of Target's Owned Brand connected products.

Role: UX Research, UX Design, Coaching, Facilitation, Strategy

Target Connected is a mobile app, part of an overall platform that enables product designers to included connected capability in owned brand products. The platform has an end-user audience, the Target Guest, and also an internal set of audiences to keep it evolving, useful, and usable.

The mobile app on both iOS and Android controls Target Connected products, currently the Threshold Are lamp collection and the Sweet Slumber collection. My role is UX Research, UX Design, and UX Strategy. This involves a variety of primary and secondary research: experience sampling via dScout, usability research, user journeys, interactive flows, interactive visual design, and prototyping.

Workshop outline, high speed video of similar workshop

Project: UX Mentor

Client: Various

Design Challenge:

Role: UX Mentor

For the past 10 + year of my career, through formal process and informal request I have been asked to teach UX Design, Design Thinking and Coding to others. I take the commitment to mentor as an honor and each mentoring experience is its own type of design challenge. Discovering where people are at, where they wish to go next, and questions they have along the way is a great learning experience for all involved. I coach others to learn to be comfortable with silences, how to bring out ideas of the introverts in the group, how to honor and build from all ideas shared as well as traditional UX skills.
Samples of prototypes I've created.

Project: Prototyping User Interfaces

Client: Various

Design Challenge: To make design choices tangible and testable.

Role: UX Research, UX Design, Coding

Some projects, teams, and situations require an interactive example to explore and to test with their user audience. Three examples of my prototyping work: Framer, InVision, and HTML+JS+CSS.
Workshop outline, high speed video of similar workshop

Project: Visual Design and Visual Storytelling

Client: Various

Design Challenge: To increase the engagement of learners on and established learning portal.

Role: Visual Design, Visual Storytelling

At times I will be an assistant or lead artist on projects in addition to being a designer. Visual communication is an important aspect of design work and is something I study and practice. My visual portfolio shares a variety of examples of such work.

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